Good neighbors? On the relationship between PR and journalism

Foe or friend? When PR people understand journalists' requirements regarding press material, nothing stands in the way of a good and collegial relationship.

Critical Opinion, Excellent PR - Why it Pays Off to Swim against the Tide from Time to Time

More than ten years ago Web 2.0 made the headlines, today Artificial Intelligence repeatedly features on the front pages - Every couple of years a few specific topics dominate the current media coverage. Companies can take advantage of this momentum - especially if they take a critical stance.

  • Hatched and hungry: blueRobin’s management team Susanne Wiesemann and Ilja Emrich

redRobin launches new marketing unit blueRobin

blue robin. Brand Marketing Communications is the new sister agency of redRobin. Managing director Susanne Wiesemann and creative director Ilja Emrich kick off business with a team of experienced designers, web developers and marketing strategists. Starting in January 2017, blueRobin serves customers from finance, manufacturing and non-profit with marketing, websites and B2B communication.