Consider what you’re saying! – On priming, rush, and killer words

Der Begriff Priming bezeichnet in der Psychologie die subtile Beeinflussung unseres Denkens. Ihr Effekt ist so stark, dass sie unsere Reaktion, unser Verhalten und sogar unseren Gemütszustand massiv beeinflussen kann. Vor allem, weil Priming unbewusst wirkt – oftmals durch unbedachte Worte. Hier ein Plädoyer für mehr „Wortklauberei“ und vor allem für eine achtsamere Einstellung.

Handelsblatt isn’t always the way to go: Underestimated local journalists

Local journalists are often bypassed when it comes to media relations. But they can be important multipliers and have a significant influence on the perception of a company in a specific region. Interviews with them must be prepared just as well as discussions with representatives of the major leading media, because with local journalists critical questions are not the exception but the rule.

  • Initiating THE AGENCY CLOUD: Ilja Emrich and Leon Maresch (left to right)

THE AGENCY CLOUD: Sharing Economy for the creative industries

Advertising, marketing, PR, social, digital, print: Today's communication agencies have to keep adding new areas of expertise if they want to offer truly integrated communication services to their clients. But why buy when you can share specialist knowledge? This is the idea of THE AGENCY CLOUD, an initiative of two Hamburg-based agencies: WAW and redRobin Brand Marketing Communications.