New team lead at redRobin: Fabienne Fahrenholtz to head "Finance and FinTechs" unit

Fabienne Fahrenholtz is the new team leader of the PR unit "Finance and FinTechs". Since July 2015, she has been supporting well-known international clients in the areas of positioning and campaign conception, corporate communications, and topic management. 

Handelsblatt isn’t always the way to go: Underestimated local journalists

Local journalists are often bypassed when it comes to media relations. But they can be important multipliers and have a significant influence on the perception of a company in a specific region. Interviews with them must be prepared just as well as discussions with representatives of the major leading media, because with local journalists critical questions are not the exception but the rule.

Work machine PR agency: How agencies keep their customers busy

Less workload for client companies due to the efforts of their PR agency, does that work? Yes and no! More PR also means more work for the companies' press offices, their management and experts – but at the same time also more input, more output and more success. Why is that so? Read the following blog post.