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AI tools in the shade of ChatGPT

Anyone who talks about artificial intelligence (AI) cannot get past ChatGPT. But those who only dig at the surface risk missing the real treasures. AI tools are numerous, and the areas of application are diverse. In the following article, we will answer the question: What else is there apart from ChatGPT?

  • 75 % der Männer und 44 % der Frauen wenden die geltenden Sprachregeln an

  • 76 % der Befragten wollen auch in Zukunft nach den geltenden Sprachregeln schreiben

Survey: Gender and German Grammar - Generic masculine preferred by German journalists

German financial and business journalists have no interest in PR texts that are using special characters as a form of gender-inclusive language. This is the result of an online survey conducted by redRobin among 55 editors in December 2022.