Today is the international day of the checklist. Seriously. We researched it. Because " identifying relevant occasions for communication" is on one of our checklists at redRobin.

Are checklists considered old-fashioned or outdated today? Is it better to ask ChatGPT for the relevant points for Project X and Event Y? I stand by checklists. As tools, they condense experience and expertise, and provide valuable support for young colleagues as well. After years, it is still pleasing to capture new insights and old knowledge in a checklist.

But why am I even mentioning this? We have just updated one of our oldest checklists: the redRobin Nestbaukasten (redRobin Nest Building Kit). When I founded the company in 2005, I wanted to ensure that we provided new clients with top-notch consulting and support from the very beginning. This, of course, includes professional onboarding. Especially at the start of a partnership, there are many small building blocks that need to be gathered to establish a solid foundation for subsequent communication: What templates do I need for optimal press work? What contents do I need to be able to access quickly in an operational sense, and what core messages do I use in internal and external communication? Are we listed on all distribution channels, and are we monitoring relevant social media profiles? Do we have professional photos or resumes of the company's spokespeople? Do we need to convey  key messages for the company, and do we have sufficient background material on the spokespeople? Do we have a message house? This is how we build a communicative nest for our clients and their stakeholders, a place where you're happy to take flight.

At the same time, a checklist is always a reflection of its time. In 2005, we used to assemble paper press kits for events and stored our clients' letterhead. Years before, at the beginning of my PR career, I used to stick caption labels on printed press photos, known as "washzettel." For our new colleagues, this is completely unimaginable.

And just as communication has evolved over the past decades, we have also continually adjusted the redRobin Nest Building Kit. Much has gone digital, new channels have emerged, new formats need to be addressed, and new subject areas must be considered. But at its core, it is still about creating a solid foundation upon which strategies and messages can be securely and coherently built. So, let's celebrate the checklists of the world today as they rightfully deserve.

And for those who find checklists unexciting or even old-fashioned, here's an alternative: October 30th is also the official Day of Chin Stroking. If you ask me, I'll take the checklist any day!