Since September, Gunnar Oehlenschläger is strengthening our redRobin team as Senior Communications Consultant at our office in Frankfurt. In an interview, our new colleague revealed why financial PR runs in his blood and how his biggest PR project was related to the Euro financial crisis.

Gunnar, you've had several stints in agencies, including at Ketchum. Was PR always your dream job?

Not quite. Originally, I wanted to become a sports reporter – I'm still a long-suffering HSV fan (laughs). I did some internships in that field after university, including at the sports departments of NDR and BILD. Before fully diving into journalism, I wanted to experience the other side and landed a trainee position at the international PR agency Ketchum. I was excited because here I dealt with many different people, topics, and clients every day..., variety appealed to you?

ecactly! I realized that working in an agency suits me better than writing about a single topic in an editorial office. That's why I stayed in this field. I quickly specialized in financial communication, advising banks on communication matters. Later, insurance and fintechs also became part of my focus. Political communication projects for companies and ministries were also particularly fascinating for me.

That means, financial communication is practically in your DNA. Why did you choose redRobin?

The focus on financial topics was certainly an important factor. Additionally, I felt that the best colleagues and the best working environment were waiting for me here, and so far, it seems to be true (laughs). Additionally, born in Hamburg, it's also nice to work for an agency headquartered in my hometown. That gives me more excuses for visits.

What has been your favorite PR project so far?

Without a doubt, it was the Pro-Europe campaign "I want Europe". During the Greek crisis, people's sentiment towards the EU was completely down. To counteract this, twelve foundations jointly financed this campaign. As an agency, we had a lot of freedom and could produce a very good result. We had a film team from CNN, as well as numerous testimonials like Soccer Player Phillip Lahm and Federal President Joachim Gauck. Looking back, I am convinced that we were able to convince many people of Europe with the campaign.

And what do you do today when you're not working on exciting PR projects for redRobin?

Apart from watching football, I ride my bike a lot and am an avid reader. Crucially, real books to touch – reading on paper still feels better even in the age of e-readers and the like (laughs). Genre-wise, I mainly focus on contemporary German literature by authors like Bov Bjerg, Christine Wunnicke, or Lutz Seiler.

Thanks for the talk!