Want to assert your rights in court without insurance premiums or waiting time associated with a legal costs insurance? Call start-up iubel.de, the newest tech company on redRobins client list. The Hamburg-based PR agency orchestrates the communication campaign surrounding the launch of the innovative service, targeting consumer, legal and start-up media.

Protecting consumers from the risks associated with asserting their rights in court is at the heart of the business founded by two brothers, Dr. Jan Stemplewski and Dr. Niclas Stemplewski. The idea: If you have been unfairly dismissed from your job, if you want to enforce a rent reduction from your landlord or if you have been cheated by the car industry when buying a diesel, you have to sue. Yet, many consumers shy away from the costs associated with going to court such as fees for a lawyer, court fees or the costs for hiring an expert witness.

“This is not fair”, say attorneys Jan Stemplewski and his brother, Niclas Stemplewski, as many consumers do not dare to enforce their rights against corporations and large organizations. The iubel.de-team will fund all costs of the court case for a percentage of the compensation awarded by the court. All requests for funding are checked for the validity of their claims by an algorithm developed by iubel.de. The answer is given within 24 hours.

"iubel.de has successfully tested their business model with first court cases and has proven its ability to support the right claims and plaintiffs. It´s unique selling proposition is easy to understand, and its advantages are obvious and extremely consumer oriented. The challenge, therefore, is less to explain the advantages but become visible in the start-up crowd and to build up trust in a long-term market presence among the target groups”, says Susanne Wiesemann, managing partner of redRobin and experienced consultant for young fintechs and insurtechs.

The PR campaign for iubel.de will focus on educational topics targeting common consumer concerns around legal questions. In Germany, consumers are currently suing VW over diesel cars in a new type of class-action lawsuit. "Many car owners do not know that they will have to sue VW again once the sample case has been decided. But if they wait, they will lose a lot of cash”, say Jan Stemplewski. “If you sue directly, your compensation can be significantly higher. And iubel.de is here to help.”

For more information, go to https://iubel.de/