The Hamburg-based PR agency redRobin wins PR mandate of Heliot Europe, a client from the tech industry. The company, founded 2017 in Switzerland, is the exclusive operator of the Sigfox 0G network in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Slovenia, making it the largest provider of the growing 0G network in Europe.  

Sigfox's innovative 0G technology is already a key driver for the digital transformation of businesses and industries. 0G is highly power-efficient, cost-effective, and nearly maintenance-free. With a battery lifespan of up to 10 years, and more than 750 available sensors with a wide range of functions, 0G is suitable for a multitude of IoT applications. 

IoT devices are already in use in a variety of sectors such as supply chain management, where IoT-enabled devices transmit information on the condition or position of objects, monitoring of buildings in the security sector, and measurement of temperature and precipitation in agriculture. Developed 2010 in France, the Sigfox 0G technology is now available in 72 countries worldwide. Currently, around 17 million IoT devices send up to 140 messages of 12 bytes each per day via the 0G network.   

The PR campaign aims to increase the visibility of 0G solutions in the DACH region and to showcase a wide range of applications in industries such as logistics, real estate, food, agriculture, public life, and healthcare/medicine. "The team at redRobin understands how to translate technical innovations into exciting stories to spread our messages throughout the German-speaking markets. This is important if you want to spark interest and build trust across many industries," says Thomas Scheibel, CEO of Heliot Europe.

"Heliot Europe is one of the IoT pioneers with clients such as Deutsche Post/DHL and Österreichische Post already implementing its 0G solutions. The challenge for the coming years is to highlight how 0G can improve and transform industries and processes today and tomorrow," says Susanne Wiesemann, Managing Partner of redRobin.