Starting in July 2021, redRobin has added Sienna Investment Managers to its customer base. Sienna is a wholly owned subsidiary of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL), a listed investment holding and one of the leading investors in Europe. Sienna was founded as a platform for alternative investments in 2013. Today, the company manages investments across a range of asset classes and has recently significantly expanded its activities in real assets, particularly in private debt and real estate.

Strong network for long-term investments

Sienna generates attractive returns for institutional investors, focusing on long-term investment strategies. The company has built a strong network of external managers, working with leading management teams and companies worldwide. This specialist expertise encompasses areas such as real estate, private debt, private equity, growth capital, venture capital, healthcare, technology and hedge funds.
Sienna’s strategy is set on further growth. Since spring 2021, the company has strengthened its market presence, expanding from Luxembourg and London to Paris, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Madrid and Seoul. In August, Sienna announced the acquisition of pan-European real estate investment manager L'Etoile Properties ("L'Etoile"), growing its assets under management to 10 billion euros. Adidtional acquisitions and investments are planned. 

Establish Sienna as a strong brand for alternative investments

The expansion of Sienna's business areas will also be an important focus for redRobin’s PR campaign in Germany: "Sienna has grown strongly in recent years and is planning to further expand and differentiate its expertise and investment focus in future," says Susanne Wiesemann, managing partner at redRobin. "The challenge is to communicate new areas of expertise and investment to Sienna’s target groups and educate them on the unique advantages of this new structure. At the same time, we will make sure to strengthen Sienna in its entirety as a strong brand for institutional investments."