The truth is, we're lagging behind. All of us. Always. This applies to the individual. The teams. The companies. The agencies anyway. Basically, we all have much more to do every day than we can manage. Yes, of course! Deadlines, pressure and stress determine our daily business. Exceptions confirm the rule, but usually we are late. And how could it be any different? Just then an emergency/ Shitstorm/Super-GSA comes on top.

The funny thing is, that most PR managers like it that way. Not the shitstorms, but: When there is a lot to do, the shop is humming, and all lines are busy. Why? They are experts in prioritizing! They have the most important information immediately at hand, anyway. (Who does what, where and how?) The authorities, where further background information can be found, are often on speed dial. Most managers also know their most important contacts at local, national and social media from the inside out. A blessing when – as so often – everything happens at once and speed, short reaction times and coherent, precise statements are essential.

Not that PR professionals are so much more resilient than other professions – far from it! But they are well prepared. Generally, they have collected all available information in advance and have drawn up a plan on what could happen when and how and what is necessary should this becomes a problem. And they have already considered where exactly the "pro" is in "problem". That's their job and they like to do it – And they also take their time to do it.

So, if your PR department or external agency once again sends you long questionnaires, takes longer to produce the requested text, schedules kick-off meetings lasting several hours and asks tricky detailed questions, please bear with your colleagues! They are currently trying to understand your offer for your specific target group, its product features and the corresponding technical language in the best possible way. So, when the next storm front comes up, they will have all the arguments at hand and can prioritise them confidently. Because in PR (as well as in sports), being behind does not mean being in arrears. In this sense: Enjoy the summer thunderstorms and beautiful holidays!