Do you still play Tetris?

Similar to the popular classic from the 80s, a successful communication strategy depends on fitting its many building blocks in the right spot at ever increasing speed. Also, communication requires creativity and the courage to innovate, integrate new channels, address new customer requirements and provide a fresh messaging. Juggling daily business, adjusting the overall strategy and keeping abreast of the latest tools and trends is a monumental task and a great challenge for most communication managers as there is no peace of mind for a strategic review in day-to-day business. And also, because being to close to the details can obscure the big picture.

As head of an agency, I do know that feeling all to well myself. From time to time, we as creative agencies might sell trendy ideas and hip designs without taking the time to evaluate the strategic fit of that activity. Yet, most of our clients require, want and appreciate us taking the time for strategic consulting. Without a view of company goals, target group requirements and an idea of the competitive landscape, you cannot create or adjust your strategy. And without a strategy, there is no point wasting money on implementation.

In the B2B sector, decision makers know their business and the challenges they face. Whether marketing director, head of communications or managing director, many have established partners that they trust to execute ideas. What is often missing is a sparring partner that brings consulting know-how to the table. Someone who knows the industry, trends and new tools first hand and can help to evaluate and fine-tune the communication strategy and communication channels. And someone who is also willing to ask the hard questions and point to possible weak spots.

This is where we can help.

As managing directors with several decades of experience in strategic consulting and brand management for medium-sized B2B companies, we have often seen this constellation. And through short but focussed workshops, we have been able to provide new insights, loosen knots and help discover new opportunities – through a combination of industry insights and a fresh look from the outside. That's why we want to make our know-how available to decision makers from B2B companies via short but focussed workshops at a fixed price, our one day communication accelerator sessions:

  • The B2B strategy workshop will check whether and which of your activities are still right to reach your strategic goals.
  • The B2B channel audit will help you to evaluate new communication channels for reaching your target groups and discover potentials for creating synergies.
  • The fireworks of ideas workshop will yield innovative, fresh and yes, even crazy ideas that can help you breathe new life into established communication activities.


In all cases, the sessions are a date for a day, not an engagement for a lifetime.

And all the ideas, inspirations and insights from the day are yours to use. 

So – are you interested to go play a round of communication Tetris with redRobin?

Then do drop us a line!