Every major team knows: one colleague is still on Christmas leave, the others have already left for carnival or are on ski vacations, in between rages the annual flu epidemic – and those who turn up at work shudder in an empty office.

But the show must go on! For no task to remain spread over deserted desks like unwanted leftovers, they must be handed over and work must be delegated. The problem is: The high art of a smooth handover is not mastered by all co-workers equally well. Often it is just a short e-mail or even a post-it on the desk of the vacation representation; a targeted handover meeting takes place only very rarely.

The result: Either the colleagues are frustrated because they do not know exactly what to do now – or they know what to do but are annoyed because they lack appreciation. Either way, the results are accordingly.

Or is your desk always plastered with "Completed!" Post-it stickers after your vacation? Exactly!

Successful delegation is no rocket science at all, but an important tool for employee leadership as well as for the incorporation of new talents. And for a good handover, to answer the following five questions is often absolutely sufficient:

  • Task: What is the exact job? What should be done, what is to achieve?
  • Purpose: What is this task for? What is the context, the meaning behind it?
  • Cast: Who should take on the task? Who should develop the necessary skills or is already the ideal candidate for the job? (Do they know? Tell them!)
  • Timing: When should the task be finished? When is the time for questions, when will the overall result or partial goals be checked (together, maybe)?
  • Feedback: How do you actually measure, whether the goal is achieved and the task is completed? Was the holiday cover also able to benefit from it, was their work duly acknowledge

Very important: Give the other person some space to ask their questions, to use all resources and make the project completely "their baby". Anyone who has created these conditions and otherwise granted the necessary freedom will be amazed by the commitment and ingenuity of their representation. If you hand over tasks inadequately though, you should not be surprised to find a single post-it on the desk. Inscription: "I'm off!"