Hat-trick for redRobin Strategic Public Relations. The Hamburg-based agency wins its third mandate in its third multi-stage pitch process in 2015. The communication experts will be responsible for positioning the executive search specialist Get Ahead AG with companies and candidates. In the final round, redRobin impressed with a strategic campaign focusing on expertise and solution-based issues, creative ideas, and the expertise of the PR team around managing partner Susanne Wiesemann.

“Get Ahead, as an executive search specialist, is very close to many markets and companies. While that could give us a huge pool of potential topics, the challenge here really is to identify those issues that differentiate Get Ahead from the competition while keeping clients´ affairs confidential”, Wiesemann says. For this reason, the PR campaign will focus on Get Ahead´s evidence-based selection process, a new scientifically proven methodology for personnel selection that Get Ahead has implemented in the German market.

„Picking the right candidate at the executive level is not only time-consuming and expensive. Personnel decisions at this level influence not only strategic decisions at the top level but could also affect the health and well-being of the company as a whole. Successful candidates are those that bring more to the table than just experience and expertise. It is intrinsic factors such as motivation, resilience and a good cultural fit that truly indicates the likelihood of future success for both sides. This is true not only when searching candidates for our clients but also when deciding on a PR partner for Get Ahead”, says Matthias Zühlke, vice president of Get Ahead. “The whole team at redRobin showed an impressive know-how, dedication and expertise as well as a good cultural fit. And I am happy to say that they already helped us significantly in increasing our visibility among our target groups.”