redRobin is committed not only to clients from the financial and business world, but also to charitable projects: The Hamburg-based agency provides communicative support for the 500 MAL SEHEN project of the non-profit association Gewebe-Spende für das Leben e.V.

The project was initiated together with the Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf, several eye clinics in Hamburg and the support of the German Lions Club. The aim: to help even more patients in Hamburg to get a new cornea and to increase the number of donations processed for transplantation from 280 to 500 each year. To achieve this, it is above all necessary to create more public acceptance for cornea donation. What many people do not realize is that cornea donation is not an organ donation, but a tissue donation. This means that it can be donated not only in the event of brain death, but also up to 72 hours after the official time of death.

redRobin supports the non-profit association in the development of the communication strategy and the project branding, launched the internet presence and is also involved in the ongoing communication around the project 500 MAL SEHEN.

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